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Create the perfect look with our hair stylist Hair Salon Aprons designed for both comfort and style. Our aprons are loved by leading hair stylists and barbers across the globe. Our stand out Boston Apron has become the ultimate style trend for hair salons everywhere – designed with pockets for accessories, metal detailing for the ultimate edgy look and a comfortable neck strap design for all day wear.

We Offer Aprons in Canvas & Pu Leather

Canvas Aprons:

The ultimate in style and comfort, this hand-crafted apron is crafted from 100% cotton canvas. This apron is super soft and easy to care for. It will become a favorite piece of your wardrobe. It comes with a removable apron strap that can be used to hang it up as a shower curtain, and an elastic hem that allows you to wear it around the house, the garden, the car, anywhere!

Pu Leather Apron:

This is a professional apron designed for Barber Shop Hair Stylist, PU leather design,
Prevent the hair from sticking, Prevent stain contamination, Prevention of hair dye contamination, Waterproof, easy to take care of, you don’t even have to wash it!

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